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Michael Vaughn

Now accepting new clients and class participants

Michael laughing photo

Men's weekly class on Wednesdays
2nd Saturday Men's group

Michael is a compassionate listener, and an ally to young people, especially males.  His safe demeanor and gentle spirit make him a good listener for people of all backgrounds.

He has been studying and using The Clarity Process  in his personal life for over 25 years and has been a key participant in making it available to the general public.  Michael draws from his knowledge of family systems theory and experience with 12-step recovery programs to assist clients in gaining clarity.  He leads workshops, classes, listening groups, and retreats.

His easy style lends safety to individual consultations and groups that he facilitates.  His presence is subtle, knowledgeable, and powerful.  His dedication and caring is evident in his commitment to clients and this process.

He enjoys drumming and playing the Native American flute, dancing, singing, hiking, nature, and spending time in New Mexico.  He is quite handy as a carpenter, and fix-er of most things.  He is a very active grandpa of many grandchildren.

He believes that when people are listened to with respect and compassion, their lives can evolve in positive ways.

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