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Mary Anne Casey

Now accepting new clients and class participants

Mary Anne smiling

Basic Class Series via Zoom

10 week series - Thursdays  6pm - 8pm CST

or Sundays 7pm - 9pm CST

Email to register and get a zoom link

Mary Anne’s gentle listening style is full of patience, and fueled by desire that every person has the tools needed to create and live the big beautiful life they want.  Her passion for healing and self-empowerment started in 1990 when she began her personal healing journey.  She is most excited about providing an opportunity for others to heal and have community and support while doing it.  She weaves her special blend of love of nature, art, creativity, and fairness into her listening skills and practice.
She has been using The Clarity Process since 2010, and started assisting in classes in 2013.  She now teaches The Clarity Process Basic Class, along with workshops focused on creativity.  She delights in her time with individual clients, couples, children and families as she gets to witness their healing and profound experiences.  In addition to The Clarity Process, she draws from her time leading Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families 12-step groups and workshops, working with businesses in management, training and development, to inform her process.  She uses and teaches a variety of healing and self-development tools.
Mary Anne knows that when people learn to listen to each other, they can heal anything that gets in the way of loving themselves, loving others, having close connected relationships, and being successful and fulfilled in their lives.  Teaching The Clarity Process and sharing this knowledge and her experiences with it aligns with her personal mission: to create dignity personally and for all humans.
“The Clarity Process allowed me, for the first time in my life, to connect with my feelings in a way that was healing and assisted me in making real and lasting changes in my life.  Today I have the life I always dreamed of having and so much more than I ever knew was possible.”

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