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Linda Bedre-Vaughn

Now accepting new clients and class participants

Linda smiling photo

Women's weekly class on Wednesdays
2nd Saturday Women's group

Her deep spirituality, and understanding of people attracts others to her and to this process.  She lives the principles of The Clarity Process  daily.

Since 2002, she has collaborated with Michael Vaughn, working together to formalize The Clarity Process.  Her focus is on teaching classes, writing, and leading workshops.  She strives to take care of herself in all aspects of her life, and to balance her work, her relationship with Michael, grandchildren, and other family and friends.  

As a single mother, she raised two children who are now adults.  She loves gardening, has many exotic plants, and enjoys her respites and hikes in the mountains of New Mexico.  She loves photography, animals, nature, and writing.  

She listens to people from her heart to assist them in making a connection to their own hearts and voices.

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