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Eileen Nehiley

Now accepting new clients and group participants

Eileen Nehiley

Tuesday Night Listening Group via Zoom

Every Tuesday 7pm - 8pm CST

For anyone who has completed a Basic Class series.

Email to register and get a zoom link

Eileen is passionate about helping others heal, and has dedicated her life to it. A life-long seeker, her formal training has included a degree in nutrition, and a diploma in homeopathy.  She is also certified to teach yoga, health sciences, and education in public schools.  In her personal life, she has been active in supporting women regarding birth options. She also worked through the challenges of raising three (now adult) children as a single parent, and is incredibly proud of the resourceful and wise people her children have grown to be. 

She enjoys being a loving grandmother to baby Ember and toddler Lilah.
As a listener, Eileen brings patience, wisdom and compassion to every session, as well as insight that comes from listening with delighted attention.  She is resourceful and resilient through the tough moments, and is most in awe when clients have an "a-ha moment" and when they notice their inner knowing.

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